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2010-04-12 11:39 am

The end of an era

I am not the first to notice that this place has become rather deserted in recent years. For a long time, I continued to read but did not post. Nowadays, it feels like there's hardly anything left to read.

And so I pose this question: who's really out there? Is anyone still reading this? Please leave a comment if you are.
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2008-05-27 08:45 am

Take my survey...

I'm doing a bunch of marketing research this quarter. I need to get survey responses before the swiftly-approaching end of the quarter... which means that I need your help!

If you live in Davis, please fill out my survey on home energy consumption. It will take you about ten minutes and you can enter to win a free $30 GAP gift card:

If you don't live in Davis, that's okay! Take my super-fun food packaging color survey. It will take you less than 5 minutes and I think you might even find it interesting. And in any case, you'll make me really happy (or at least less panicked!!):

Sorry for the lame post. I really and truly appreciate your help :)